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The 12 steps to team building

Susan M. Heathfield has written an article over at called "How to make teams effective" in which she outlines the ways in which proper team-building can take place. From the article:
"In a team-oriented environment, you contribute to the overall success of the organization. You work with fellow members of the organization to produce these results. Even though you have a specific job function and you belong to a specific department, you are unified with other organization members to accomplish the overall objectives. The bigger picture drives your actions; your function exists to serve the bigger picture."
Heathfield states that the steps for true team-building can be broken down into twelve C's. Among them are:
  • (Setting) Clear Expectations
  • (Demonstrating) Context
  • (Demonstrating) Commitment
  • (Having) Competence
  • (Having a) Charter
  • (Exhibiting) Control
All in all, this is an interesting article on how to truly develop an effective team. Read the full article here.

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