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How to address problems by thinking critically

Crystal King, Senior Product Marketing Manager for AvantGo, has written a great article, entitled "Critical Thinking for Managers: A Manifesto," in which she outlines in detail, how the challenges that managers face today can be adeptly dealt with through the use of critical thinking.

King states that thinking dispositions can be taught and learned, and managers can benefit from learning several key thinking dispositions, such as:
  • Being curious and questioning
  • Thinking broadly and adventurously
  • Reasoning clearly and carefully
  • Organizing one's own thinking
  • Giving time to thinking
  • Posing and exploring problems
  • Seeking multiple perspectives
  • Being fair and reflective
King argues that in order for managers to address the right problems, identify risks, and make better decisions, they "need to learn, exhibit and teach critical thinking skills to their colleagues and employees." And this article she's written for ChangeThis certainly shows them how to do that. (Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat to view the article).

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