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Is Facebook Bad for Business?

Many businesses today are turning to social networking websites such as Facebook or LinkedIn to reach out to new customers and market their products and services in new ways. Websites such as Facebook have even tried to make it easier for businesses by opening their network and providing direct access to the websites 60 million or so users.

Numerous articles have been written on the potential for companies to profit from social networking, but do these companies really understand how to do this? Most use social websites to market their products and services and try to send them off of sites such as Facebook and onto their own websites. According to Facebook Senior Platform Manager, Dave Morin in an interview with BusinessWeek says the business applications that are the most profitable "are the ones that integrate seamlessly into Facebook" and generate revenue from within the Facebook site. Surely websites such as these would prefer your potential customers connect with your on their sites and not yours. The users after all, are theirs to begin with.

But are companies better off by connecting with potential customers on their own websites? Would the company be better off by creating a blog to connect with and gather input from customers and make the business more accessible, thereby giving it a real 'face' to the customers?

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