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Read More Than Just Business Books

In order to stand out from your competition, you’ll need to find new and unique ways to challenge your thinking about traditional business practices, whether it’s your marketing, operations, HR, or finance strategies for example. As you can tell from this article's title, the purpose here is not to recommend an oversimplified book on business with a catchy title and a ‘top-seller’ or ‘recommended’ designation in the bookstores. After all, if everyone read those types of books, how would their thinking and their strategies be differentiated from one another? When reading books such as these, it’s more important to understand how to actually use what you’ve learned in these types of general business books.

Instead, a more unique (and likely more enjoyable) strategy is to focus on the other sources of material from which valuable lessons in business can be gleaned? Rather than following the latest top-selling business books, why not also read works of fiction or classic literature from Shakespeare, Dickens or Twain? I have heard many CEOs speak on the benefits of reading a wide range of books, magazines and newspapers. As a result of expanding their reading selection, they were able to build upon their existing “idea pools” and get new inspiration from these different sources.

Sure, some popular business best-sellers may provide inspiration on how to take your organization to the next level, but so too can classic works or short-stories which open your mind to new ways of thinking – ways which can just as easily provide you with that all too gratifying “a-ha” moment as you look to apply what you’ve just read into practice. Expanding your reading selection has all sorts of benefits that may not be all that obvious at first, but remember that inspiration in business has many sources and need not only come from simplistic – and all too often, generic – books on business.

What are your sources for creative inspiration in business?

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