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An iPhone app to help you make decisions

You may recall a previous article which spoke of a useful decision-support tool called the Decision Maker Spreadsheet. Well now there's an iPhone/iPod Touch web app version of this handy little tool. Use your iPhone to help you with making tough decisions.

From the web app description:
"DecisionMaker is meant to help you come to a decision whenever there are multiple reasons both for and against. If all of the benefits of the decision outweight all of its detriments by a factor of at least two-to-one, then your decision is a no-brainer. However, if not, it's probably a good idea to reflect on all of the pros and cons before proceeding with the decision. In that way, the DecisionMaker helps you think about all of the implications of your decision and helps to put things into perspective."
Use the tool on the go to help you decide whether you should consider buying a second vehicle, hiring a new employee, moving to a different city, and so on. Feedback is welcome.

Go to: DecisionMaker - Let your iPhone help you with life's tough decisions.

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