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In times of despair

Okay I admit, this write-up is going to be a little bit different from what you'd normally see on this site, but I think it's important to post here nevertheless.

When things are going well in our business or personal lives, we often don't take the time to consider the things that we're doing which facilitate that level of success - even the little things that make up our daily routine. Failing to recognize the things that we do which yield positive results and happiness can then make it difficult for us later when things do not work out quite as well and we're left wondering how to turn things around.

Then when (not if, but when) you've hit a slump - again whether it's in your business or your personal life - it's sometimes hard to see why things are no longer going well. It seems like you're doing all of the same things you were before, but the results just aren't as good. Too often, we drastically change the way we do things in order to get out of the slump, just for the sake of change, but there's no rhyme nor reason for what we're changing; we're not "recording" what we've changed, and we've strayed way off the things we had been doing when we were successful or happy.

If you're at this point and you're reading this right now, I have only five words for you: get back to the basics. Do the things you were doing in happier and more successful times. Keep doing them and keep things simple and you will weather this storm. By no means am I saying that change or adaptation is to be avoided altogether; far from it. Sometimes, the situation may call for a re-working of your business or personal practices. But first and foremost, stay positive and get back to basics. Recognize all of the things you were doing when things were going well. Go back to doing those things again. Be patient and positive and the results will come.

Most importantly, try to recognize those things when things are going well so that you have something to go back to later on. Everything starts with a positive state of mind.

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